What we are all about?
Our assembly speakers are former NFL players and athletes who are trained to address life's issues. They discuss the importance of character and values and have spoken to thousands of students in school assembly programs across America and internationally, helping them make positive life changes.
NFL players and athletes identify with students by sharing personal experiences. They present the consequences of alcohol, drugs, crime, peer pressure and violence and encourage students to try their best at academics, sports and life.
They talk about the importance of values such as honesty, caring and responsibility while explaining how they have been able to overcome problems in their lives through their personal experiences.

All school assemblies are formatted with age appropriate topics and are adapted
to the specific needs of each unique audience.
Example of List of Topics

· Peer Pressure

· Character-Building

· Drug and Alcohol Awareness

· Academic Success

· Bullying

· Teen Suicide

· Power of Words

· Abstinence

· Positive Decision-Making


The motivation and wisdom received from the performers have made quite an impact in many student’s lives. Some kids have been motivated to stay in school and change the direction their lives were headed. Students have approached the performers after an assembly and shared with them their decision to leave their gang life, and others decided to not commit suicide. Some schools over the years have noted an improvement on AIMS testing scores following this program. It is certain that many students have been encouraged to make more thoughtful decisions, and take school more seriously, as a result of these assemblies.

Former Fresno County Superintendent Larry Powell

Below are responses from the students that we have fill out 3 X 5 cards at the end of the assemblies. These are a glimpse of the attitudes and problems that our youth are facing TODAY!


Helping young people make a positive choice is the mission of Champions for Tomorrow

...my father had abused me in the past, he was a police officer ...today there is still mental abuse going on and it’s been effecting me. Today your speech has touched me and as of today I am going to start looking up and not down.

Fresno student

Thank you! You made me realize I can do anything even through my trials & troubles. My dad just got 60 years to life & I doubt myself—but NO more..Thanks!

Madera student

I remember your speech from last year. And from then I’ve been doing real good. Now my life I once had is no longer here, it’s different from the boy speech to everything and I just want to thank you for changing that for me.

Fresno student

Why Have The Program In Our Area?

... because wrong choices can be prevented and students lives CAN BE CHANGED!  Together we CAN make a difference!

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Champions For Tomorrow is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation formed to make a difference in the lives of children, youth and adults, by building lives on the firm foundation of principles that instill character-building and healthy, sound decision-making. We encourage people of all races and backgrounds to be a part of the solution to today's problems, instead of a part of the problem. 

Champions For Tomorrow is funded by local business people who want to make a difference in our communities.
Together we CAN make a difference!

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